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Thinking about social-development issues in adults always leads me down the road of men and their mid-life crisis. This article looks at how a difficult childhood could possibly be a cause for a mid-life crisis later in life. Three cases are examined to support the thesis of this study that an emotional deprived childhood is a contributing factor in a male mid-life crisis. In an emotional deprived childhood the child would develop a poor sense of self. This poor sense of self might be hidden down deep until a certain age like our early 40’s where we begin to reflect back on our ...view middle of the document...

The cause behind a mid-life crisis has always interested me, knowing that someone did not wake up one day and decide to spend an obscene amount of money on a little sports car or commit adultery after a very loving marriage. In a male child’s life, a mother plays a very large role in creating a healthy sense of self and belonging. It only makes sense that for any male that is lacking a loving maternal relationship will suffer social-development setbacks at some point in their life. When reaching a certain point in our life we are all guilty of looking back over our life at our accomplishments and failures, however most of us are well equipped to be proud of our accomplishments and realize what our failures are allowing us to continue moving along in our adulthood with no major hiccups.
This article would be a terrific asset to any research paper regarding a mid-life crisis, especially a research paper concerning men and their mid-life crisis’s. Although this article focuses on men, it sets the tone for a research paper on how an emotional difficult childhood can have ramifications throughout our adult life including a mid-life crisis.

Braverman, S., & Paris, J. (1993). The male mid-life crisis in the grown-up resilient child. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training, 30(4), 651-657. doi:

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