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Pseudocode Essay

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In event that was rather a stir up in the 1920’s was the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance was a time when African Americans all around showcased their artistic talents, showing the whites that they did indeed have talent. Obviously after the name “The Harlem Renaissance” was based in Harlem, New York.
The Harlem Renaissance was a movement of writers, artist, actors, musicians, and poets of color expressing themselves through their talents. They used these talents not only to express themselves but also to tell stories of their past ...view middle of the document...

During the renaissance Things were happening and the people of the Harlem Renaissance were reacting. Langston Hughes was a writer who created quite the impact during the Harlem Renaissance. He wrote poems, stories and even plays. He kept black communities entertained and gave opportunity with his plays. His poems kept African Americans motivated and pushing for what was right, equality. Jacob Lawrence was an artist creating abstract pictures of events happening beginning in 1917. He was the artist of “ The Great Migration Series” which showed pictures of “The Great Migration” a movement of African Americans leaving the south to find better opportunity.
The Harlem Renaissance not only showed the white people of America that blacks had talent but showed that they were capable of doing the same things they were able to do. In a time of struggle it was evident there were still able to celebrate life even if it meant to create an imagination, picture, or act of what they went through to appreciate the progression they had made.

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