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Psalm Essay

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Midterm (Creative): First Semester SY 2014-2015
PSALM, Paulinian Spirituality Advocacy and Mission
(Marvin R. Nicolas)

1. To have a deeper understanding of the Paulinian Spirituality thru Commitment/Declaration.
2. Thru Commitment/Declaration poster students will be able to manifest their own understanding of Paulinian Spirituality Advocacy Life and Mission.

That Commitment/Declaration poster the Paulinian student will be…
3.1 Advocates of Social Transformation: Good stewards of creation /Promote the dignity of the human person.
5.2 A discerning attitude: critical ...view middle of the document...

EG. Topic: Environment
(Note: Only Good for Reference, Formulate your own!)
We as Paulinian Students declare and commit ourselves in taking care of our environment. We are task to subdue and take care of the earth as entrusted to our fore parents. We commit to become responsible stewards and care takers of the environment………………………………………….

I/We______________________________ a bonafide student of St. Paul University Quezon city do solemnly pledge/commit to carry out the following as long as I/We study and graduate in this beloved institution.

1. As a Paulinian Student, I would dispose my garbage and trash in a responsible manner by way of the 3 Rs Re-duce Re-use, Re-cycle.
2. ________________________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________________________
4. ________________________________________________________________________
5. ________________________________________________________________________
6. ________________________________________________________________________
7. ________________________________________________________________________
8. ________________________________________________________________________
9. ________________________________________________________________________
10. ________________________________________________________________________

Prayer to the Environment

Oh dear God we thank thee for the gift of nature for which our food, shelter, work and toil comes. Help us to appreciate our environment, our home that it is a gift so precious and so delicate………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

With firm resolve,

____________________________ ______________________________
Student’s Signature Date

Submission of Midterm Creative Output will be on their respective PSALM class schedule Tuesday/Wednesday January 13-14, 2014.
Paulinian for Social Transformation

II. Rubrics

Criteria | 5-9...

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