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Ps3 Vs. Xbox Comparison Report

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PS3 VS. Xbox Comparison report

Millions of people worldwide own game systems whether its PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 there’s always going to be some kind of conflict between the two, because they both want to be the most popular one. There are many different aspects in which people choose one or the other depending on what they are more interested in because they both have many different features.
The PS3 has a built in blue-ray player which comes with free wife since day one PS3, because of its build in blue-ray player which comes with free Wi-Fi since day one. At the time when Xbox ...view middle of the document...

The quality between the two also had its ins and outs for example not only was the Xbox overpriced but it also had issues with overheating. In 2010 a survey of over 500,000 people show us that the Xbox 360 had a very high failure rate compared to the PS3. The Xbox has more number in sales, but also has many bad reviews due to the game systems console breaking down, or overheating.
The PS3 beats the Xbox 360 games. At the time of each console release the Ps3 did in fact lack great quality games which many Xbox fans pointed out and brought down the throats of Ps3 fans. But the time has change. Whenever someone hears the name Xbox 360 they instantly think of just Halo or Gears of War. When someone hears the name Ps3 they think of games such as Uncharted 1 and 2, God of war 3, Little Big Planet 1 and 2, Resistance 1 and 2 and so on.
In conclusion, I think that if you are looking for the best buck for your buck. You should buy a Ps3. Sony has built the Ps3 for the future with its blue-ray player, and a wide range of games such as action and adventures, shooters, and Platforms. While Microsoft is sucking their consumer pockets dry with its failed HD DVD player, and 3 different Xbox console they came prior before finally offering an Xbox 360 with build in Wi-Fi and a better build to keep the system from over-heating and dying.

Casey Teskoski

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