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Provide A Brief Overview Of The Juvenile Justice System In Ireland And Analyse Its Response To Young Offenders Making Reference To The Children Act 2001 In Your Answer

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Child Care Policy SS2006
Q6. Provide a brief overview of the juvenile justice system in Ireland and analyse it’s response to young offenders making reference to the Children Act 2001 in your answer.
Responsible for driving and leading reform in the area of youth justice, and located in the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, is the executive office of Irish Youth Justice Service. The service is run by officials from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and the Department of Justice and Equality, who’s Ministers, are both responsible for the Children Act 2001. The main aims and methods of the Irish Youth Justice Service are as follows:
“…to improve the delivery of youth justice services and reduce youth offending. This challenge is met by focusing on diversion and rehabilitation involving greater use of community-based interventions and the promotion of initiatives to deal with young people who offend. Providing a safe and secure environment for detained children and supporting their early re-integration back into the community is also a key function.” (Irish Youth Justice Service, 2005)
The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald, who was elected in 2011 and has been Ireland’s first ever Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, is responsible for the three Children Detention Schools in Ireland which are located in Dublin, and also the Child Care aspects of the Children Act 2001. The Minister for Justice and Equality, Alan Shatter who was appointed in 2011 is then responsible for Garda Youth Diversion Projects, Community Youth Projects as well as youth crime policy and law in the country, in order to prevent reduce and detect crime amongst young people. He also deals with An Garda Síochána and the Probation Service as well as the St. Patrick’s Institutions around the country which act as prisons for young people. Both Ministers and Departments work together in order to prevent crime amongst the youth of Ireland and to create the safest and most secure environment for the people of the country.
The three Children Detention Schools in the country are the responsibility of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs since 2007. Trinity House, Oberstown Boys and Oberstown Girls are all located in Lusk, County Dublin cater for boys up to 17 years of age and girls up until the age of 18 who are to be detained in custody for criminal charges. The campus can cater for up to 44 males and 8 females who have been convicted or placed on remand by a court. “The principal objective of the schools under the Children Act 2001 is to provide care, education, training and other programmes with a view to reintegrating the child into society.” (Irish Youth Justice Service, 2005)
Minister Fitzgerald also holds responsibility for the Child Care Aspects of the Children Act 2001 which is essentially the main legislation that covers children and the criminal justice system. This entails...

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