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Protection Of Individuals From Possible Harm

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Protection of Individuals from Possible Harm and Abuse Sharon Bann

Living a life that is free from harm and abuse is a fundamental right of every person and when abuse does take place it needs to be dealt with swiftly, effectively and in ways which are appropriate to the issues and where the person in need of protection stays as much in control of the decision making as is possible. Not all abuse is physical and nonphysical abuse can break a person’s spirit and shatter their confidence and self-esteem. The person must be taken seriously in all matters when disclosing abuse or when abuse is suspected. The support and therapy of those affected by abuse is the determinant ...view middle of the document...

These needs include food, medical needs, clothes, shelter, cleanliness and warmth and a lack of appropriate care results in continuously or severe exposure, through negligence to circumstances that endanger the person. (Haley et al, 2010:90).
Emotional Abuse which is a failure to provide for a person’s basic emotional needs which then has a severe effect on their behaviour, development and wellbeing. Although there are no bruises or wounds to see the emotional wounds are a very damaging form of abuse, whether caused by words, actions or even indifferences, emotional abuse is very common but yet overlooked ( G.L.Jantz and A.McMurray 2003::9) and Non-Organic Failure to Thrive happens when children who fail to reach normal growth and developmental milestones ( physical growth, weight, social and intellectual development) and physical and genetic reasons have been medically eliminated then a diagnosis of non-organic failure to thrive has been established. It is a form of neglect that affects infants and young children, “non-organic failure to thrive is due to environmental problems relating to nurturing and/or feeding” ( Koralek 1992:15).

There are many predisposing factors which could lead to abuse, some of which are:

Young carers and the reason for this is could have a feeling of resentment, wanting a social life and feel they are missing out and feel under a great deal of pressure of having to care for someone when they are still young themselves and finding it difficult to cope so might take their frustration of all these things out on the person they are caring for.

Carers with special education needs because they could have a lack of knowledge and understanding and difficulty understanding paperwork and medical advice so therefore neglect the needs of the person they are caring for.

Carers who have previously abused because they are unable to change their habits so the likelihood is they will abuse again and could also find it difficult to manage their anger because they can’t understand why they are abusing or know how to stop.

Carers with poor economic circumstances and the reason for this is they have limited or no access to resources for additional help which could lead to depression and could feel resentment at their circumstances and the fact they are struggling with with limited resources to help them.

Indications which may signify abuse could be unexplained bruising in places where an injury cannot easily be explained for example facial bruising, hand or finger marks, bite marks, burns and unexplained fractures. The most obvious sign of abuse are these physical signs and effects ( Gimpel and Holland 2003:149)
A change in the person’s behavior for example they become aggressive, withdrawn, unresponsive to others or behaviors such as self harming.
Their could be emotional signs such as they become afraid or anxious, become depressed and emotionally withdrawn from others, excessive crying or feelings of anger and...

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