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Protecting Your Children In The Cyber World

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Children today learn how to use a computer as soon as they are able to get their little fingers on one. It’s a different world than it was 20 years ago. Kids are given I-pads in school instead of notebooks. Almost everyone has access to the Internet at all times on his or her telephones. Technology is at our fingertips at almost every minute of our day. There is really no way for a parent to keep their child from technology unless they literally keep them in a cave. Seeing as how that may not be realistic, software developers have created a way for parents to keep their children safe while using technology. They have created parental control programs.
Parents control programs allow parents to have an invisible hand in what their children can and cannot look up online. They are able to block certain websites and follow their children’s searches to make sure they are staying out ...view middle of the document...

Some of the negatives about this program are that it only protects facebook, nothing else on the Internet. And also removing and re-adding new accounts sometimes gives the program trouble. All in all if you were a parent who wanted to specifically monitor your child’s face book account without completely invading their privacy, then this would be a great program to invest in.
If you’re a parent who is looking for tighter control on the Internet, not just facebook, there are plenty of options out there. One highly rated program is Bsecure online v6.16. This retails for $49.95. Bsecure gives parents the option to filter out an entire network. There is also an accountability option for parents who may need some self-control, flexible content filtering, and parents can put limited access to games and TV based on ratings. Bsecure also allows parents to schedule Internet access, monitor IM and social networking sites. Parents are alerted via e-mail or SMS when a there is a notification about their child’s online activity. There aren’t many negatives about this program except that the media access control depends on the vendor’s data collection. Bsecure is a well-rounded program for parents and it offers an impressive collection of features not found in any other parental control program.
There are a number of programs out there for parents to use. Many of them use the same form of programming and just have different names, so parents should make sure they do their research and know exactly what kind of control they are looking for to get the best deal. It’s very easy for people to lie and prey on kids in the cyber world, so until they are ready it’s a very good idea for parents to monitor what their children are looking at and whom they are chatting with. Hopefully with parental control programs children will be able to have a healthy, learning relationship with technology.,2817,2374040,00.asp

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