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Proposal Mercedes Benz's Formidable Difficulties In Myanmar Luxury Car Market

650 words - 3 pages


Global MBA – 3rd Batch

Independent Study Proposal

Cycle & Carriage Automobile Myanmar (CCAM) Company Ltd.,
How to overcome Mercedes Benz’s formidable difficulties in Myanmar luxury car market

Name : Sai Myo Thet Oo
Student ID : 1301116013051

Section (1)
1.1 The Problem Statement
1.2 The Company Background
1.3 The Objective of Independent Study
1.4 The Scope of the Study

Section (2)
2.1 The problem cause & effect diagram
2.2 Theory and concepts used for solving the problem
2.3 Research Methodology

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"JC&C" is a leading Singapore-listed company and a member of the Jardine Matheson Group. “JC&C” has an interest of just over 50% in Astra International, a major listed Indonesian conglomerate. “JC&C”'s Direct Motor Interests operate in Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar under the Cycle & Carriage banner, and through Tunas Ridean in Indonesia and Truong Hai Auto Corporation in Vietnam. “JC&C”'s Other Interests comprise interests in market leading businesses in the region through which “JC&C” gains exposure to key economies by supporting such businesses in their long term development. Together with its subsidiaries and associates, “JC&C” employs around 253,000 people across Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar.
Automobile Alliance Co., Ltd (AA)
“AA” is the subsidiary of International Beverages Trading Company Group (IBTC). IBTC products are market-leading brands in the local market, with its Grand Royal Whisky and Royal Dry Gin owning more than 70% and 80% of the market share respectively. In recent years, IBTC has diversified into other...

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