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Proposal For Infrastructer Design Essay

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“Franke Kitchen Systems is the world’s leading provider of intelligent systems for domestic kitchens, trusted by more users in more kitchens worldwide than any other manufacturer.” (Franke) Franke strives to help its partners enhance their businesses and ease their customers’ lives by making work in the kitchen a pleasure.
Roughly two years ago, the structure of Franke changed, and we divided into three ...view middle of the document...

I currently have the pleasure of running the customer service department for the retail division, FrankeUSA. My department consists of three customer service representatives. I report directly to the Vice President of the Retail Division.
When we separated into different entities, our infrastructure changed as well. What I would like to do is create an organizational infrastructure, to define departments, key players, and roles for each employee so that each employee is accountable for their actions. What I hope to accomplish with this project is, outlining the present infrastructure issues, changing positions around, hiring new employees, and making sure all the gaps have been removed.
I believe that I can tie this project with our TCO that discusses given a requirement of organizational change, apply a framework for managing change, diagnose the forces for and against change in a situation, and recommend strategies for dealing with resistance to change. The question I would like to answer after completing this project is “ How will the new infrastructure improve effectiveness within the Franke Corporation overall?”

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