Proposal For America To Convert To The Metric System

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To convert the United States of America from the Standard Issue Units to the Metric System.
The entire population of the U.S.. All of the U.S. major organizations and associations.
In 1970, Canada enacted the White Paper Metric Conversion Law to convert their country to the metric system. This law ensured that
Canada would change all their forms of units to be metric. Policies in their Parliament and Constitution changed before the law went into
motion. These ...view middle of the document...

In 1973, over 100 committees with members from all national associations and major organizations were created. Each of these
committees were set up with a plan of preparation for the sectors conversion.
The process of replacing the original imperial units with metric units involved all kinds of documents, processes, and measurements. the
practical approaches to all these complications were created by the committees, each with strategies and policies conformed to suit
their interests. Public awareness was an important area of consideration in order to ensure all of the general public understood and
accepted the change to metric units. This entire development took at least ten years to complete.
Similar to Canada's plan of action, the U.S. will implement committees in order to properly spread the ideals and processes through out
the country. Starting a year after the proposal has been passed, the course of actions will be set into play. The year in between the
approval of the proposal and initiation of the proposal will be necessary to prepare the steps that will need to be taken in order for the
proposal to fully work.
By 2025, the U.S. should be fully accustomed to the metric system and its ideals. This will greatly improve the U.S. as a nation and its
affiliation with other countries.

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