Project X Essay

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Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, Project X

Demetrius Norris Sr.
October 10, 2012
Dr. Ferguson

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is Florida’s leading insurance company in the state of Florida. “Citizens is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt government corporation whose public purpose is to provide insurance protection to Florida property owners throughout the state. The corporation insures hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses and condominiums whose owners otherwise ...view middle of the document...

The second benefit is, their decisions, and recommendations for this project will be non-bias and for the best interest of the success of this project. Finally the third benefit, they will help incorporate a cultural change within the organization. Citizens was never meant to be a huge corporation therefore, the daily systems are operating as if the company is still a mom and pop shop. Therefore, most of the old-timers are said to be stuck in their selfish ways and will present resistance to change. The Steering Team will be a cross-functional project team that will be a group of people with different functional specialties or multidisciplinary skills, responsible for carrying out all phases of the project from start to finish. This team will have one formal leader and other individuals who will possess the five following attributes: 1. Technical expertise for data center moves and migrations, 2. A project manager to lead plan and organize the activities, 3. the leader of the team must have Interpersonal Skills, 4. Cognitive Skills, and 5. Political skills. Along with the cross-functional team, Mr. Norris decided to incorporate a virtual team because of the geographical challenges. The virtual team will consist of six key Citizens’ IT-employees. Each branch will provide their top two technical performers that will fall under Mr. Norris for the duration of the project.
In today’s workforce, change is a constant variable and often it happens quickly, before employees, and management mentally prepare. Employees are encouraged and in some cases, coerced to cope with those changes for fear of losing their jobs. A knowledge-based economy and global transformations require swift adjustments. Unfortunately, the new environment presents new challenges and demands for everyone, from the board and CEO to the entry-level employee. Little control over workplace events triggers increased tension, uncertainty, anger, and other forms of job stress. Strategically preparing managers and employees catalyzes better organizational performance, regardless of the changes. Mr. Norris already anticipated anxiety, stress, and resistance within the organization, once he rolled-out the plan. In an attempt to subside some of the growing issues, before hiring the Steering Team, he scheduled a departmental meeting to discuss the mission and to provide detailed incite of the project’s functions. His main focus was to motivate the department and to get buy-in from his middle managers; who will be the focal-points for team-conformity. The next order of business was to hire and implement the cross-functional team, also known as...

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