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Project Management: Opening A Dispensary Essay

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The following are guidelines and options when creating a Project Communication Plan. Please choose the communication outlets that will work best for your particular project.

|What |Who/Target |Purpose |When/Frequency |Type/Method(s) |
|Initiation Meeting |All stakeholders |Gather information for Project Request |FIRST |Meeting |
| | | ...view middle of the document...

| | |
| | |Encourage communication among stakeholders. | | |
|Status Reports |All stakeholders and Project |Update stakeholders on progress of the project. |Regularly Scheduled. |Distribute electronically via Team |
| |Office | |Monthly is recommended for large/midsize projects. |Dynamix |
|Team Meetings |Entire Project Team. |To review detailed plans (tasks, assignments, and |Regularly Scheduled. |Meeting |
| |Individual meetings for |action items). |Weekly is recommended for entire team. Weekly or | |
| |sub-teams, technical team, and| |bi-weekly for sub-teams as appropriate. | |
| |Functional teams as | | | |
| |appropriate. | | | |
|Project Advisory Group |Project Advisory Group and |Update Project Advisory Group on status and discuss |Regularly Scheduled. |Meeting |
|Meetings |Project Manager |critical issues. Work through issues and change |Monthly is recommended. | |
|(this may apply only to larger| |requests here before escalating to the Sponsor(s). | | |
|projects) | | | | |
|Sponsor Meetings |Sponsor(s) and Project Manager|Update Sponsor(s) on status and discuss critical |Regularly scheduled |Meeting |
| | |issues. Seek approval for changes to...

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