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Project Management Issues Essay

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Carly is the project manager for a very important project due the 1st of the year. The project manager for this project needs to demonstrate leadership skills, and the ability to take control of their team and get the job done by the deadline. The next few pages will give insight on Carly, her team and the events that may occur during the timeline of this project. 
A Bad Project Manager
Carly lacks the skills of a Project Manager in the leadership ability area and developing communication skills with people. Her control factor as a responsible Project Manager seems to lack. The admitting of defeat is never an easy thing to do. If Carly were to come and admit that she was not able ...view middle of the document...

You must have the ability to be a leader and work under stressful situations, this is a must (Gido, & Clements). To get the two of these employees together and sit them down and clear the air would be benedictional to both the company and to the employees, not to mention the timeline of the project which is due. It would seem to give Carly a sense of value and higher self esteem to reinforce the point that she is the Project Manager for a reason. Titles and responsibility are not given out on a whelm, they are earned and one must be qualified to be given this type of appointment. As for Morris this will take the heat off of him from Carly and let him be an active part of the team without being singled out as a bad guy when that is not the case.
When you have a group of people working as a team it is normally like a tight knit family. What effects one team member carries over to the other members and those actions reflect in the work which is done. This can be a big problem for the project manager and the outcome of the project. The reflection of one area of a project can mean that other members of that same team will feel that their work is under par, when that may not be the case. For an example, if working on a group paper and you have the same study habits as a group member and you both are on the same track as to your ideas and where the paper is headed. For whatever reason the group leader or instructor does not like your study partner and constantly kills each and every idea they come up with, though valid ideas, you may feel that your work would get the same criticism without even going through the trouble of one submission
When a team has negative issues with the project manager or the way the project manager is doing things conflicts may occur. The forming stage of the group development may go well and all is agreed upon. Then during the storming stage there may be some question as to the way the project manager is running things, this will only get worse in the norming stage. You can only hope that the team can work through and differences if any with the project manager and work in a calm and flowing manner. A team that can get the job done with little to no supervision is no doubt a project manager’s dream. The performing stage is the get it done stage and the final stage of group development. So the interaction of the team members is the backbone of any project. It is the team that gets the job done. To work through problems there should be a lot of communication, meetings of the project manager and team when needed and only when and if needed. A pat on the back for a job well done would also help solve many issues. You have to let your staff know that they are of value to the team. This would help to motivate them and keep them on track, and possibly go above and beyond what is asked of them ( ).
When it comes to Carly being the project manager, there is some doubt as to her keeping that title. She does not show the...

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