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Project 9 Unix Linux Admin1 Essay

924 words - 4 pages

Part I

1-What version number of webmin did you install?
Version 1.791-1

2- What do you do to update webmin, and all webmin modules?
After we open the webmin go to webmin configuration then click on upgrade webmin
Click on upgrade webmin then update modules.

3- Using webmin, create a new user account auser with the real name Anne User.  Use defaults for all other values.
A. What was the default group used?
B. What was the default shell used?
C. Was the account created enabled or disabled?
D. What was the password used?
E. When (if ever) does the password expire?
I didn’t put expire password
F. ...view middle of the document...

I chanced the login shell to /sbin/nologin that’s the different config or
usermod -L -e 1980-01-01 buser

Unlock/enable the buser account now using any non-GUI method.  What two commands on Linux can be used to enable (unlock) an account?  Verify you can use both ftp and sftp with the buser account now.
From /etc/passwd change the login shell to /bin/bash
Or usermod –L –e 2020-01-01 buser

Change the login shell of buser to “/sbin/nologin”.  Try ftp and sftp for that user again.  What happened?
The user lock not working

As root, try the following commands: “su -c 'id' buser” and “su buser”.  Did either command work?
Su –c ‘id’ buser
Uid=1002(buser) gid=1002(buser) group=1002(buser) context-unconfig……

Change the login shell of buser to “/bin/false”.  Try both ftp and sftp for that user again.  What happened this time?  Can you explain these results?  (HINT:  Examine /etc/shells for a list of valid shells on your system.)
Connection closed
The problem with the login shell when we change it to /bin/false the connection doesn’t understand it and who will deal with account so the connection will be close
Restore the login shell of buser to “/bin/bash”.  As root, try the following commands: “su buser” and “su -c 'id' buser”.  Did either command work this time?
Yes it’s work .
Force user buser to change the password immediately at the next login.  (On Linux use the chage command.  On Solaris, use the passwd command.)  What was the exact command used?
passwd –e buser

6- What command will remove a user account?  What command will allow you to
modify a user account's settings?
userdel ...

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