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Progressive Discipline Essay

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Question : | Discuss progressive discipline—what is it, why do employers use it and what are the most common four steps in a progressive discipline process? ch. 7 |
  | Student Answer: | Progressive discipline is a form of corrective action where the management team increases the severity of punishment for an employees’ negative behavior. Employers use this form of corrective action because not all negative behavior is reason for an employee’s termination. Progressive discipline gives the employee an opportunity to correct the negative behavior without any additional corrective action. However, if the negative behavior continues, the punishment becomes harsher. Progressive ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, negative feedback communicates that the employee’s performance is not well and that there are areas where improvement is needed. Positive feedback motivates and encourages the employee. It also creates a sense of accomplishment within the employee. Positive feedback works well as long as the goals of the employee include moving up in position and responsibility with the company. Negative feedback does not motivate the employee and makes them feel like they are being criticized for wrongdoing. Negative feedback may cause the employee to become defensive and can lead to conflict with other employees and /or sabotage of company property. For feedback to be communicated effectively, the first step is to build a relationship with the receiver. A good relationship starts with the supervisor giving the employee helpful advice that can positively affect their future. The supervisor’s communication is also effective because this relationship will let the employee know that they are being treated as an individual. At this point, the supervisor’s relationship allows them to look at the employee’s personal circumstances individually rather than looking at all the employees as a group. The supervisor must be able to clearly communicate the feedback so that the employee understands exactly actions and performance needs to be improved. Feedback specificity gives a detailed description of the desired actions. Supervisors must remember that specific feedback is not always the solution. If the feedback is too specific, it will not allow the employee to explore other avenues of learning. Finally, the supervisor must realize that in order for the specific feedback to be an asset, the employee must be able to accomplish the tasks necessary to improve. The employee must be able to actually change the situation. The issues must be within the realm of the employee’s control. |
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3. | Question : | Discuss the steps in the career development process. ch. 10 |
  | Student Answer: | The career development process is the steps that help an employee’ identify and pursue their long-term career goals. The steps of the process are self-assessment, reality check, goal setting and action planning. In the self assessment phase, the employee determines his/her interests, values, personalities and skills. This process uses psychological tests. The employee looks at where they are today and where they plan to be in the future. The reality check determines the accuracy of the employee’s self-assessments and how the assessments fit in with the opportunities available within the company and its’ future needs. The reality check also will help the employee see if their goal is realistic in their labor market. The employee should meet with their supervisor to determine their strengths and weaknesses and about opportunities within the company. Other sources of information can be local...

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