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Programming Final Project Essay

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Design a program that will allow a user to Input a list of your family members along with their age and state where they reside. Determine and print the average age of your family and print the names of anyone who lives in Texas.


For the purpose of this program, the user will be asked a series of questions requiring the input of name, age, and state for each of their family member until the number of family members is met. In order to carry out the given task of finding the average age of family members along with the ones who live in Texas, the program should include the function of calculating and displaying the age. It should also include the ability to take ...view middle of the document...

It will not print Collin since he is from Florida, Kim since she is from Alabama, and Luke since he is from Washington.


Module Main()
Declare s_Names as String Array
Declare s_Age as Int Array
Declare s_State as String Array
Declare i_Count as Int
Declare f_avAvg as float
Declare lc as Int
While (have more family members to enter)
Display “Enter Member Name:”
Input s_Names(lc)
Display “Enter Member Age:”
Input s_Age(lc)
Display “Enter state”
Input s_State(lc)
Increment lc and i_Count
End while
calcAverageAge(s_Age, i_Count)
call printTexans(s_Names, s_State, i_Count)
End Main

Module calcAverageAge(s_Age, i_Count)
Declare f_Avg as float
Declare lc1 as Int
Declare sum as Int
While (lc1 < i_Count)
Sum = Sum + s_Age
Increment lc1
End While
f_Avg = Sum / i_Count
Print f_Avg
End Module

Module printTexans(s_Names, s_State, i_Count)
Declare lc1 as Integer
While (lc1 < i_Count)
If s_State(lc1) = “Texas”
Print s_Name(lc1)
End If
End While
End Module

Test Cases

|Test Case # |Input |Expected Output |
|1 |William-Age: 28, State: AL |Average Age- 34.2 |
| |Theresia- Age: 32, State: WA |Members from Texas- |
| |Jennifer- Age: 28, State: TX |Jennifer, Wade ...

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