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Week 7 Lab

Lab 7: Minnetonka Warehouse

Wayne Schuller managed a warehouse in Minnetonka, Minnesota. His major concern was the number of workers to assign to his single unloading dock. After he began contracting with motor carriers for deliveries, he found that they were assessing him stiff penalties if their trucks had wait time to be unloaded. Wayne started adding larger crews at the unloading dock, but often, they seemed idle because there were no trucks to unload. Wayne recalled from college that queuing theory might be applicable to such a problem.

The theory of queuing is an analysis of the probabilities associated with waiting in line, assuming ...view middle of the document...

45 minutes.
The unloading times given in the preceding items (1-5) are average figures.
Each warehouse worker receives $14 per hour, must be paid for an entire shift, and because of union work rules, cannot be assigned to other tasks within the warehouse.
Because of its contract with the carriers, the Minnetonka warehouse must pay the motor carriers that own idle trucks at the rate of $60 per hour while the trucks stand idle, waiting to be unloaded.

Note about rounding. It is a generally accepted practice to round numbers so the reported result has at least three more decimals places than any of the numbers used in obtaining this result. If an answer does not follow this procedure and is used in a subsequent calculation(s), an incorrect final result will often occur.


Question 1: For each of the four work team sizes, calculate the expected number of trucks waiting in the queue to be unloaded.

Use the following to solve this problem:

Team Size | Service Rate | Formula | Trucks in Queue |
2 | 5/ hr | 42/5 | 3.200 |
3 | 8/ hr | 42/32 | .500 |
4 | 10/ hr | 42/60 | .267 |
5 | 11/ hr | 42/133 | .120 |

Question 2: For each of the four work team sizes, calculate the expected time in the queue; that is, the...

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