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Profile Essay

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Project Scope
Project Name | First Water | Project Number | 311 |
Project Manager | Trena Lambert | Prioritization | 1 |
Owner(s) | Pro A Group | Start Date: | 01/15/12 |
Scheduled Completion Date: | 4/28/12 |

Mission | To manufacture a client specification 10K Mudline Wellhead designed for earlier production, to provide first oil and gas quicker with a deliver date of April 2012 per the request for proposal. |
Scope | This project is to manufacture a functional Mudline Wellhead per client specification in order to increase sales and notoriety in the oil industry. Client will also receive all required tooling for the Wellhead required. |
Objectives | * To engineer a 10K Mudline Wellhead and all its tools * To draft all designs to create a completed ...view middle of the document...

An initial Design Review and release with Engineers, Stakeholders, Sales Team, and a representative from First Water 2. Weekly Project Team Meeting 3. Weekly Supplies Meeting 4. Approved Quality Plan 5. Risk Mitigation Plan 6. Monthly Budget Report |
Cost/Financial Assumptions | It is under the financial assumption per RFQ and company objectives the quoted cost and deliverables shall meet and not exceed the life cycle cost and revenues. Per the RFQ, Pro A Group shall pay the sum of $7.2 million dollars for a 10K Mudline Wellhead to be delivered in April of 2012. Pro A Group shall make all adjustments and not compromise quality to ensure that the integrity of the product is not jeopardized. Therefore it is feasible for Pro A Group to accept this offer. |
User Acceptance Criteria/Quality | Weekly reviews to address with the project team with updates per API 6A and API 17D regulations. Produce data books with instructions on how to maintain our product per the material we supplied. |
Major Risks | * Failure on the connecting rig due to dimensional imperfections * Failure of a newly patented shear valve * Failure to test and certify all components |

| Name |
Project Core Team: | EngineeringManufacturingPurchasingSalesQuality and Safety-Document ControlFacility ManagerShipping and Receiving |
Subject Matter Experts (SME) | Pro A Group Investors |
Type Name | Signature | Date |
Project Manager Approval: | Trena Lambert | 01/15/12 |
Owner/Sponsor Approval: | | |

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