Professionalism In The Aviation Industry Essay

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Professionalism in the Aviation Industry
Antoine Hafed
Inter-American University of Puerto Rico
Bayamon Campus

This paper was prepared for AWSC 4100,
Taught by Professor Ocasio

Being a commercial pilot is an achievement that a lot of student pilots dream of. It takes a lot of dedication, sacrifice and passion to achieve. Apart from receiving proper training, licenses, and certifications to become a certified commercial pilot, growing professionally as a person is very important in the aviation industry. Being professional will make you stand out; will increase your chances of being hired and being treated with respect among others. Having this professionalism is indeed necessary ...view middle of the document...

Interviews are very tough; they input a lot of stress for everyone, especially when unprepared. Preparing for an interview starts at home, preparing your résumé and cover letter. Preparing a résumé should be carefully done, a resume is the way of selling yourself in writing, and it should stand out. Interviewers should be impressed by just looking at the résumé.
While being a part of this class, I performed a mock Interview with a South West Airline Pilot, Pablo Ortiz. This interview focused on appearance, attitude, skills and verbal and non-verbal communication. During this mock interview, I realized how much importance this class had been. Everything learned in class was put in practice during the interview, from the handshake at the beginning to the end of the interview. After the interview, it was pointed at me that my nonverbal communication was very good, but not excellent.
Nonverbal communication is defined as a positive, assertive body language and good eye contact. To improve this, I will try and focus more on the interviewer itself, instead of trying to cover my nerves looking around the room. Also, this interview has brought me a lot of confidence for future interviews, hopefully helping me control my nerves.
This mock interview has been of great improvement for my professionalism. It has helped me gain experience as a professional and...

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