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Professional Values And Ethics Essay

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Personal and Professional Values and Ethics in Harmony and Conflict

Delner S Jackson
July 14, 2011
Deena Martin

Personal and Professional Values and Ethics in Harmony and Conflict

Your professional values are the forces that direct what you believe and the prevailing principles by which you decide how you will conduct yourself at work. They are guiding principles that help determine the decisions you make and each step of action along your career path. Professional values are simply the foundation of your career. These values sometimes alter after some time and during various events of life and as your central foundation of belief, should remain the same. Usually, your professional values are the off-shoots of the things you care about in your personal ...view middle of the document...

By such an example of professional values, a company may make promotions and product advertisement secondary and honorably esteems community outreach. What a testament to the company that has a value system that well rooted in the honorable personal values of its leadership. (Jackson, Delner 2011)

Personal ethics is a term that has been used to represent the guiding principles and values by which they conduct their lives every day. This has been referred to as conscience. Professional ethics are therefore the commitment of an individual’s life to behave by a code of conduct which is appropriate for his profession. Personal ethics are manifested in an individual’s private life and thoughts. Due to a life anchored by a personal commitment to live by such a commitment as “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, professional ethics manifest in the work life of the same individual. For instance, general laborer witnesses the unethical use of the computers and feels obligated to keep silent due to their friendships. Because of his personal code of ethics, He may also feel he should ask them not to do such things for the good of the company. However, this same general worker has been chosen for a promotion as supervisor of the same pool of general laborers. He now senses a greater commitment to uphold the best interests of the company and feels bound to take corrective actions against his co-laborers due to more defined professional ethics. This is a classic example of how personal ethics not well determined could have caused professional ethics to suffer. (Jackson, Delner 2011)


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