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Professional Values Essay

688 words - 3 pages

Complete the worksheet with a substantive response to each prompt.

Define each term using the course textbooks or a peer-reviewed resource.

Describe how you, as a BSN student, demonstrate each value as you interact with patients and other health care providers. Provide specific examples of how your values influence your attitudes and behaviors. Each response must be 100 to 150 words.

Value Definition Personal Demonstration
Altruism Unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of other's. Currently I practice altruism because when assessing my patients my main concern is the patient's safety. Currently when making decisions I become torn with what I want to make the patient ...view middle of the document...

Human Dignity is extremely important to me. When practicing nursing it's my job to maintain dignity for my patients. I believe that dignity comes right after safety when speaking about patient care. Working is all different types of environments; one situation that I remembered that brings me to tears still was when I was working in a nursing home and witnessed a resident getting their dignity ripped right out of their hands. The situation was very sad and heartbreaking for me to witness. At that very moment I realized that not everyone is meant to care for people; because they do not know how to respect someone's dignity.
Integrity The quality of being honest and fair, the state of being complete or whole. When someone has integrity they want to do right by themselves and others. Doing the right thing and working with an honest heart is great integrity. Working as a nurse integrity is very important. Being honest and not cutting corners is not the best way to practice nursing. For example I was working at a VA hospital...

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