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Professional Presence And Influence Essay

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Western Governors University
Professional Presence and Influence

January 22, 2016

A 1. Models of Health and Healing
Everyone has their own belief when it comes to health and healing. Some people may believe in power of pray with no conventional medicine. Others believe western medicine can cure what ails them.
Today I will discuss the difference between Era II and Era III models of health and healing relating to what it means to be human.
Era II is known as the mind-body model. This model was developed in the 19th century. It is believed to have conscious thought that assist in healing the body. “"Psychosomatic" aspect: that emotions and feelings can influence the ...view middle of the document...

In Era II, mind-body has a direct correlation to situations regarding anxiety for instance. If a patient is anxious, naturally the heart rate will be elevated. With deep breathing and conscious thought, heart rate will decrease. I see this almost daily.
People with negative attitudes are not the only ones who are diagnosed with diseases. Diseases are possibly environmental or genetic. Religious or nonreligious, people can be cured with modern medicine or cannot due to the severity of the disease.
A 3. Influence on Nursing Practice
As a new nurse, I remember feeling overwhelmed with task to do daily with multiple patients. How could I assess, chart, give meds and care for 5 patients all at the same time. I was distracted for years. There was no time to feel empathy or compassion for my patients. Many nights I would go home thinking this is not why I became a nurse. After years in a civilian hospital and nursing homes I decided to take a job at a small military hospital.
Wounded soldiers were flying home and staying in the hospital with no family or friends. With the decreased patient load and paperwork, I was able to sit at the bedside and listen, feel compassion and empathy. As I listened to their stories of bravery and heart break to lose a fellow soldier. With each patient I was assigned to, my heart grew bigger and bigger. I became more mindful of patients and their struggles. Theses soldiers looked brave with tattoos, harsh facial expressions and demeanor, under all that, they were human. They had feelings like the rest of us.
With that experience back in 2007, I started using empathy and compassion in all patients I come in contact with. I will have a moment outside a patient’s room to myself. Take a couple deep cleansing breaths to focus of this patient and their needs. This has helped with my mental focus on patient in front of me.
B 1. Personality Assessment Submission

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