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Professional Presence Essay

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Professional Presence and Influence
Katie Douglas

A. Professional Presence
1. The body-mind model came about in the 1950’s and focused on powering your mind over your body to promote health and healing. This is when medical personnel began to look past just the physical aspect of the person’s illness. Body-mind medicine includes a “wide range of behavioral and lifestyle interventions, on an equal basis with traditional medical interventions” (Moss, n.d.). Instead of focusing solely on medicine to treat a patient, there are a variety of techniques that can be used to treat the whole patient. Meditation, relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnosis are ...view middle of the document...

3. Being a mindful person means you are fully aware and fully present in the moment. Susan Stabler-Hass (2014) states that by healthcare workers being mindful allows you to be more focused, empathetic and less emotionally exhausted. I would love to say that I am a completely mindful person all of the time, but the truth is, at times I can be distracted. I currently work on a busy Medical unit that typically has 28-34 patients average daily. With the vast array of patient diagnosis’s and the flow of patients getting admitted and discharged throughout the day, it is easy to get stressed and feel overwhelmed.
In her article, Stabler-Hass (2014) also gave some techniques to help reduce these stressors and help become a more mindful nurse. She discusses using breathing techniques on the way to work to help prepare for your day. She also states that as you walk down the hall, when you are feeling stressed, you can focus your attention on your feet and walking. When focusing your attention to your feet, you help relax your mind and feel calmer.

B. Personality Preferences
1. Keirsey Temperament Personality Test.

2a. On the Keirsey temperament sorter personality test, I received the personality of a Guardian. I pride myself of being an honest and trustworthy person. I am very close to my family and friends and enjoy spending all my extra time with them. I enjoy spending all my free time outdoors and teaching my children the beauty in nature. Being a nurse is something I take great pride in. I have built some amazing relationships and work so well with my coworkers. My unit would not run a smoothly as it does if we all didn’t work so well as a team. I am very organized in my work and I am able to multitask efficiently.
Guardians are traditionalist and are known for their serving and giving behaviors. They focus on structure and order to keep the organization flowing smoothly.
Guardians are big on team work to get the job done right. This trait fits well with my personality. I value strong team work for my home and work life. It takes more than just one individual to keep any organization (home or business) flowing smoothly.

2b. After examining my personality profile and reading the descriptions of the other personalities, I realized there may be some barriers present. When having more of a take charge personality, I may have some issues working with other personality types. When put in the position of “charge nurse” when on my unit, I may not come off as approachable. Some of the other personality types tend to find quicker and easier ways to get to a solution where I tend to follow the proper procedures. I am not comfortable being unprepared for a situation.

C. Mindfulness Practice
Physical goals
A. To exercise for 30 minutes, three times weekly. Exercise not only improves your physical health (decrease disease) but can also improve stress and mood. Regular exercise also helps increase energy. This is...

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