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Through all the assessments I’ve taken so far such as: What Is Your Jungian Typology? How Productive Are You? Locus of Control, I got results that didn’t surprise me because I figured that’s what I would’ve gotten. From the Are You Experiencing Burnout? Assessment I learned that I was quite stressed out. I feel like after living the same routine everyday it becomes a part of you. You get so used to it and that stress becomes a part of normal life. I work and go to school, which is hard alone, but adding other life circumstances that not everyone gets to deal with is extremely tough. From that ...view middle of the document...

I’ve been through and seen a lot that I’ve become a strong person. All these assessments made me realize that I need to slow down, and take a breather because I’m stressing more than I know. From this professional plan I plan to focus on both my personal and professional life. Some people separate their personal life from their work life, but I always seem to have trouble separating the two. If something is bothering me personally I always find myself being moody at work or sad. If I’m stressed out I don’t act all bubbly like I usually do. Personally I want to tackle the idea of having less stress. For professionally I want to be able to give 100% every day at my job. If something is stressing me out I work I want to be able to help myself release that stress from my work environment. Being in a customer service profession it is all about the people that you are helping. You need to have patience and personality of loving people. I want to have the balance of living not such a stressful life. Learning more about myself is a great way for me to have a more successful life. Like I said before doing the same routine everyday becomes something that is normal, something that is adding stress to your life might not seem like it. So having a plan and putting things into perspective is going to let me see that no that’s not normal and I have to change.

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