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Professional Interview And Response Essay

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Professional Interview and Response
Amber Rae Wilke
March 12, 2012
Ross A. Seligman

Professional Interview and Response
The similarities of the two professionals are they enjoy working within the community the best. They both treat patients with severe bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or a combination of both, schizoaffective disorder. They both also have many kinds of training outside of their degree. The clinical psychologist I spoke with has been doing this for 27 years and she says there are some topics that she has relearned so ...view middle of the document...

They love watching people grow, and learn skills they have taught. They both said they love getting challenging cases and watching the progress. The one that has only been doing this for 4 years says it is really hard to no get attached to the patients. That she tries really hard to maintain boundaries. She said sometimes she really has to use all her strengths and knowledge to not become involved socially with her clients, she said some just steal her heart!
The differences between the two are simple, just personal questions that are likely to form different answers. For the question about approach to treatment, they both said they like to use a range of treatment options, but one said the one she uses most is the cognitive behavioral techniques and social skills training. The other said she likes to use the Rogerian approach, or motivational interviewing.
For their opinion of where psychology is heading one said she thinks it is growing so fast because of the acceptation psychology has now. The other said she hopes to see the new orientation of psychology. She would like to see more research done about positive psychology. I had never heard of this study. But is has a emphasis on the strengths of the mind. Such as, hope and dreams.

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