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Professional Development Plan Essay

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Professional Development Plan
Marquita Perry
January 16, 2012
David Goldstein

Professional Development Plan
Appropriate Delivery Method
Starbucks’ baristas are responsible for providing good customer service as a regular part of their positions. This requires them to be well-versed in the various products, have the ability to make beverages correctly and consistently, and the ability to operate the store’s equipment all while remaining courteous and polite. With that said the most appropriate delivery method for training its employees is structured on-the-job training (S-OJT). Web-based training is also appropriate for instruction on making beverages and operating equipment, but the best training in this type of customer service environment is S-OJT.
S-OJT is structured training that takes place in the real work environment with customer interaction because it occurs ...view middle of the document...

A S-OJT program would fulfill this objective because baristas, regardless of location, would be trained the same; therefore they will perform in the same way throughout the organization.
“From a practical perspective, S-OJT offers some apparent advantages for managers because the training might be conducted when the employee need arises and without demanding any special resources from the organization, such as a classroom internet connection” (Jacobs & Bu-Rahmah, 2012, p. 76). Therefore, it is believed that S-OJT will provide a cost savings to the organization. The S-OJT delivery method will not be a contributor to shortages in staffing while employees are away from the office in training sessions, and managers will not be concerned with the costs associated with travel to those sessions. By having S-OJT in place, consistency will also exist among trainers regardless of location, based on the format established for new employees. This format will consist of documented materials used as a guide for the employee to follow while learning the job responsibilities. For those employees already working for the organization, but learning a new skill, the training would be tailored to fit those needs.
S-OJT provides consistency among trainees and trainers from one Starbucks location to the next. Trainees will learn the duties of their positions in the real work environment while learning from seasoned employees or managers. This delivery method will save the organization resources that are usually associated with training that takes place outside of the store. It also affords the trainer with the ability to provide more personalized attention to the trainee, which generally takes place one-on-one or with no more than three employees. The end result is better training outcomes, efficiency, increased productivity, and cost savings.

Ronald L. Jacobs, Mohammad Jaseem Bu-Rahmah, (2012) "Developing employee expertise through structured on-the-job training (S-OJT): an introduction to this training approach and the KNPC experience", Industrial and Commercial Training, Vol. 44 Iss: 2, pp.75 - 84

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