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Production Of Flour From Yam Tuber

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The Nutritional Values of Yam. 2

Uses of Yam. 2

Aim and Objectives 3 1.4.1 Aim 3

1.4.2 Objectives 3

1.5 Justification 3


General Background 4

Yam Storage Systems. 4

2.3 Processes Involved in Conversion of Yam into Flour 5

2.4 Means of Size Reduction of Dried Yam 6

2.4.1 Traditional Means of Size Reduction 6 2.4.2 Mechanical Means of Size Reduction 6

Drying 7

2.5.1 Traditional Way of Drying Yam 7

Mechanical Way of Drying Yam 7

Cabinet Dryer 8

Comparative Study 9

2.8 Cabinet Dryer Developments 11

2.8.1 Simple Solar Cabinet Dryer. 11

2.8.2 Mixed Solar/Biomass- Fired Dryer 11

2.8.3 Batch Cabinet Dryer 12

2.8.4 Semi-Continuous Cabinet Dryer 12

2.9 Air Flow 12

2.10 Factors Affecting Rate of Drying 13


3.1 Components of the dryer 15

The Drying Chamber 15

3.3 The Trolley and Trays 16

3.3.1 The Trolley 16

3.3.2 Trays 16

3.4 The Heater 17

3.4.1 Selection of the Heater 17

3.5 The Fan/ Blower 20

3.5.1 Selection of Fan 20

3.6 The Control Panel 27



Yam Production.

Yam is a common crop in some parts of the world. They are perennial herbaceous vines and are cultivated to be consumed in places such as Africa, Asia, Latin America, and so on. (Wikipedia, 2005).

Yam is produced in large quantity in different parts of the world but it has its highest yield in the region of West Africa where about 95% of its annual production is got. Nigeria alone accounts for nearly 75% of the total world production. This makes Nigeria the leading country in world’s yam production. (FAO, 2005).

Table 1.1: World Yam Production in 2005.

|Top Yam Producers |Quantity (Million Metric tons). |

Nigeria 26.6
Ghana 3.9

Australia 3.2

Cote d’lvoire 3.0

Benin 2.3

Togo 0.6

Columbia 0.3

| World Total | 39.9 |

Source: UN Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO)

However, 40% of yam produced in the year is wasted due to itd perishable nature and lack of good storage equipment and method. (CIGR, 2009). Whats occurs in different storages from production, post harvest handling, marketing and distribution. Various efforts have been made to restrain, sustain and maintain the quality of yam. Part of it is the storage of yam in pits, building structures, platforms and barns. However, yam can be stored in the various structures for...

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