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Product Red Essay

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(RED) was founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver to fight against AIDS.
In more than 30 years, AIDS has killed 39 million people. Today, of the 35 million people in the world living with HIV, nearly 13 million have access to life-saving treatment that costs as little as 40 cents a day.
(RED) have raised over $275 million to date through the sale of (RED) products from iconic companies and events. And 100% of that money goes to work on the ground.
Because of the progress made in the fight against AIDS, (RED) can deliver the first AIDS FREE GENERATION in over 30 years. Every day over 650 babies are born with HIV. Yet with access to antiretroviral treatment, we can prevent ...view middle of the document...

To ensure that we get the number of babies born each day down from 650 to near zero, 1.4 million pregnant women with HIV will need to get lifesaving treatment at a cost of around 40 cents a day. (RED) was designed to kick-start a steady flow of corporate money into the Global Fund to help make this possible.
What is the Global Fund?
Created in 2002, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria supports large-scale prevention, treatment and care programs for these three infectious diseases. Today, a quarter of all international funding for HIV/AIDS-related programs, over half for tuberculosis, and almost three-quarters for malaria worldwide comes from The Global FundThe concept of “performance-based funding” is central to the organization and only those grant recipients who can demonstrate measurable and effective results from the monies received will be able to receive additional financing. 100% of the funds generated by Red partners and events goes to Global Fund programs that provide medical care and support services for people affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. No overhead is taken by either Red or the Global Fund. Red is the largest private sector donor to the Global Fund, and has generated over $150 million for HIV/AIDS programs in Africa. In November 2013 Jony Ive and Marc Newson hosted an auction at Sotheby's to raise millions for the fund. The event was...

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