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: Product Development Essay

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Assignment 1: Product Development
Jocelyn Phillips
Professor Becky Foster
Health Services Strategic Market Management
The organization I chose was Chrysostom Family Dentistry, very small dentist office in Lexington, SC. The dental market has changed totally the last few years and dentists sometimes feel wedged among the older ways of marketing, the future marking where everything is digital and this is what is being used on patients today. With the way that the dental industry is going now the best way to deal with the market is to remain in the middle. Marketing a Dental practice today basically requires some of the old and some of the new, with this is causes that practice to ...view middle of the document...

The dentist office may do their own moldings for teeth in the business; they seem to always have them readily available. Whatever the products that Chrysostom Family Dentistry offers the introduction stage is the most expensive and so the team will have to make sure that everything has been tested and that it’s ready for the patients. The growth stage of the product all it does is when the customers come is that Chrysostom Family Dentistry make sure that they benefit from the production, and that the profit will eventually increase from that product. The maturity stage is when the teeth whitening has been best for the business, and also has been going though the competition. The patient is satisfied with the teeth whiting and will also provide feedback to Chrysostom Family Dentistry if they are happy or not. The decline stage their maybe some type of down fall, but if the patient that is using Chrysostom Family Dentistry teeth whitening product will advertise the business by word of mouth.

Chrysostom Family Dentistry is an awesome dentist office, but they are very expensive in the Lexington County area. Many people that go there go because they are very sweet people, very professional, and when I have left the office I never had to use pain medicine if I had a tooth abstracted. What is hindering Chrysostom Family Dentistry from being the best in Columbia, SC are their prices, and they only advertise to the patients that come to them. One strategy that will help improves the marketing mix for Chrysostom Family Dentistry business is social media. Social media is the way to spread the good news about the business and it requires a detailed strategy for a dental practice. The more places a dental practice is listed on the Internet with true, important, appealing content, the more likely Chrysostom Family Dentistry is come up in a normal; which is a free search on Google, or Twitter. Basically, building a social media existence is worth the shot. Facebook is one of the major and most vital social media sites, so that’s should be the first step in building a social media existence. Using social media with real testimonies of the service that is provided at Chrysostom Family Dentistry will have the business booming!

People in this century trust businesses that take the time to keep up with the newest trends. Being a director or person in charge in the society and offering patients an app for their phones signifies that the business care enough to give their patients the best service by way of the technology of their preference. Technology is very important in the health care industry, and it has also brought about great improvement. “Technology is vital to health care, free health clinics, and the way our world view health. These processes make...

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