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Process And Outcome Evaluation Essay

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Religious and Ethnic Group
Ronda Draper
February 1, 2013

Religious and Ethnic Group
The religion I chose was Roman Catholic. This religion differs from other in many ways. The Roman Catholic Church or Catholic Church teaches that the Bible alone is not sufficient to practice their faith. They believe that both the Bible and sacred Roman Catholic traditions are what is needed to effectively practice the Christian faith. Catholics also call the Pope a “Vicar of Christ”, Vicar meaning substitute. The Catholic religion believes that the Pope takes the place of Jesus Christ himself. According to the Catholic religion, the Pope has the ability to speak with authority on ...view middle of the document...

In many cities the Catholic Churches provide ways in which the less fortunate could survive. The Catholic church has also been the pillar of the community, a place where the most Hispanic, Latinos, and Whites go to praise.
According to "Life In The USA" (2012), “during the early 19th century mostly all of the United States were of Protestant faith. When Catholicism was introduced it met much resistance until it was forced on to American society. An anti-Catholic sentiment, inherited from Great Britain, existed in colonial America. Some colonies had laws restricting or banning Catholicism with the exception of Maryland which was colonized by English Catholics. By the time of the Revolution Catholic made up one percent of the American Population. Although The First Amendment granted freedom of all religions, it could prevent the Protestants from their anti-Catholic discrimination and prejudices” (para,2). Catholics churches were burned, Catholic people were slaughtered, and property was destroyed. Anti-Catholic groups began to grow in numbers. Discrimination of Catholics showed in employment and housing ("Life In The USA", 2012).
What I learned about Roman Catholics is that although they endured hate, discrimination and prejudices they have a strong faith. They started from only a few followers that turned into hundreds of millions. I also learned that the Catholic Church is the largest Christian organization in the world. I learned that the Catholic religion had very harsh and negative views about the faith of other religions, and that they are beginning to change them for the better.

Racial/Ethnic Groups
Hispanic and Latinos come from different cultures, but share a common ancestry in language and that is Spanish. Spanish is the second most commonly used language in the United States, and it is the language of over half of the nation’s non-English speaking population. A large percent of Hispanics and Latinos say that Spanish is their primary language that is spoken at home and amongst friends ("The Essence of Culture-A Peek At Hispanic And Latino Culture", 2013). According to "The Essence of Culture-A Peek at Hispanic and Latino Culture" (2013), “with in the community of Spanish speakers there are cultural, dialectal, and regional differences in the language spoken and understood” ( p.2, para,1-4).
As well as Hispanic and Latinos sharing an ancestry of language, a large majority shares the religion of Catholicism. According to "The Essence of Culture-A Peek at Hispanic and Latino Culture" (2013),“ in the United States 77% of Hispanic and Latinos are Catholic” (p.2, para,1-4). According to "The Essence of Culture-A Peek at Hispanic and Latino Culture" (2013, “some indigenous Hispanic and Latino groups share a belief in a type of Voodoo mysticism that is based in fatalism” (p.2, para,1-4).
In the Hispanic and Latino culture the family unit is most important. Having a strong family...

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