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"Procedures and Prosecution." Please respond to the following:

• Evaluate United States v. Agurs. Another very important public policy issue is an appreciation for the difference between obtaining a high conviction rate or being perceived as “tough on crime,” and seeking justice. Debate your position on the death penalty regarding whether it is used for justice or for other purposes. Support your position with examples or evidence.

The book states that in “both civil and ...view middle of the document...

211). I believe that the death penalty is just as bad as the crime that was committed. I believe that people deserve the right to have their life changed in a manner that only those that have true understanding of grace and mercy and forgiveness can understand such a judgement is not up to me or anyone and I will forever stand by that.
• In the text, it states that “the (Supreme) Court has agreed that the death penalty can be constitutionally sustained only if its imposition is consistent with ‘evolving standards of decency’.” With so many juveniles committing heinous crimes, take a position and debate as a public administrator on whether you think the death penalty should be allowed for juveniles? Use the e-Activity case as a reference for discussion.

I am against the death penalty for juveniles no matter the age. I can not face the possibility of doing an eye for an eye to the point of death for an individual that has further problems then what death can take away. I believe that their needs to be some type of alternative and will always be pro life but with reason to privatize or have prison ministries to help those that do not know that there are right from wrong.

Szypszak, C. (2011). Understanding law for public administration. Boston: Jones & Bartlett.

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