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Problems In Developing Small Scale Industries In Bangladesh

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Problems in developing small scale enterprises in Bangladesh
There are a huge number of problems in the question of developing small scale enterprises in Bangladesh, which are discussed below:
Individuality: Maximum small scale enterprises are owned by the individuals and an individual has obviously some limitation.
Lower Per Capita Income: Per capita income of our people is low and for this reason our people are not being able to generate adequate capital to run the business efficiently.
Unskilled Human Resources: Human resources of our country are not skilled this is a problem with developing small scale enterprises in Bangladesh. The economic environment of our country is not hundred ...view middle of the document...

This is a major obstacle which is not helping our small scale enterprises to develop properly.
• Problems in govt. policy
• Lack of adequate incentive measures
• Problems of awareness of the facilities
• Lack of training facilities
• Absence of integrated package assistance
Measures of overcoming the problems or Policy to Solve the Problems
To solve the problem of developing small scale enterprises in Bangladesh the following policies may adopt to overcome the problems.
• Government should take the necessary initiatives to develop this sector.
• Government should have a clear policy about the small scale enterprises in Bangladesh.
• Loan and this short of facility should be make available.
• Control the inflow of importing such product which have the opportunities to produce in Bangladesh.
• Adopt extra tariff on importing the product which are producing in our country.
• Make the political situation stable as much as possible.
• Make the economic situation stable.
• Provide both social and economic securities to the people.
• Improve the human resources.
• Making more entrepreneurs through proper training and loan facilities.
• Make the people interested to start their own or family business.
• Provide possible support to the small scale enterprises in Bangladesh.
• Combine the smaller enterprises into one through the cooperatives and so on.
• Developing small scale enterprises in Bangladesh through a proper long term planning.
• Make arrange to export homemade product or domestic product into foreign countries.

Definition of Women Entrepreneur
Technically, a “Women Entrepreneur” is any women who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially, a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.
Characteristics of Women Entrepreneur:
There are some characteristics of women entrepreneur, which are given below-

1. Management and Control: A woman or a group of women manages the whole business of enterprise. She prepares various plans and executes them under her own supervision and control. There may be some persons to help her but ultimate control lies with the woman.

2. Employment to Women: A woman entrepreneur must provide at least 51 percent of the employment generated in her enterprise to women.

3. Risk-taking: Risk means uncertainty. It is the condition of not knowing the outcome of an activity. A woman entrepreneur takes calculated risk. She faces uncertainty confidently and assumes risk. She has to tie up capital and wait for good returns. A woman entrepreneur likes to take realistic risks because she wants to be a successful entrepreneur.

4. Good organizer: The most critical skill required for industrial development is the ability of building a sound organization. A woman entrepreneur assembles, co-ordinates, organizes and manages the other factors namely land, labor and capital....

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