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Problems Encountered In Local Government Essay

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We will reiterate those problems we had encountered in our observation for us to know what shall be overcome and improve in the future. As time goes by, we, the youth, will be managing the state. This will serve as our guide in improving the state, more particularly, the Philippine government.

First is the lacking of the facilities. This problem is usual to most government agencies. It’s about time, as we said earlier, the government to allot budget to the improvement and renewal of all the facilities used by all government agencies for the development and ...view middle of the document...

Vice Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Dumagoso of the city of Manila said, “Do your homework and you can explain your stand”. You see, to all government officials, let this Q\quote serves as your guide to your political journey.

Third is delay services offered. It is usual for a Philippine government set-up that what you need is given later. Let that system be abolished. We are looking forward to revoke that style of rendering public service. Legally speaking, “Justice delayed is justice denied” so logically speaking, “Public service delayed is public service denied” and no one wants to be denied on public service.

The last problem we will mention is not on the part of the government, but on the part of those who really has the power in this state—the people. Most of us do not really perform their part as citizens, to vote, to observe and to evaluate. We shall be vigilant on all times. We shall be observant to everything that takes place. Because one way or the other, it is us, people ho were really affected by everything, our leader do, whether they do their job well or they are just part of destroying the quality of our country, politically and economically.

We hope, after some time, as we administer our state, these problems will no longer be a disabilities or our government and will no longer be hindrance to smooth and quality state everyone has been a dream for so many years.

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