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Problems Essay

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Practice Problems: Chapter 9, Layout Strategy

Problem 1:
As in most kitchens, the baking ovens in Lori’s Kitchen in New Orleans are located in one area near the cooking burners. The refrigerators are located next to each other as are the dishwashing facilities. A work area of tabletops is set aside for cutting, mixing, dough rolling, and assembling of final servings, although different table areas may be reserved ...view middle of the document...

| Interdepartmental Activity Matrix |
  | Cooking Burners (A) | Refrigerators (B) | Dishwashing (C) | Work Area (D) |
Cooking burners (A) | - | 7 | 193 | 12 |
Refrigerator (B) | | - | 4 | 82 |
Dishwashing (C) | | | - | 222 |
Work Area (D) | | | | - |

The present layout is:

A | B | C | D |

with a distance of 10 feet between adjacent areas.

Computing the Load * Distance measure:

| Load * Distance | |
A to B | 7 * 10 | 70 |
A to C | 193*20 | 3860 |
A to D | 12*30 | 360 |
B to C | 4*10 | 40 |
B to D | 82*20 | 1640 |
C to D | 222*10 | 2220 |
Total | | 8190 |

Develop a preferred layout. What is the sum of the loads * distance of your new layout?

Problem 2:
A firm must produce 40 units/day during an 8-hour workday. Tasks, times, and predecessor activities are given below.

Task | Time (Minutes) | Predecessor(s) |
A | 2 | - |
B | 2 | A |
C | 8 | - |
D | 6 | C |
E | 3 | B |
F | 10 | D, E |
G | 4 | F |
H | 3 | G |
Total | 38 minutes | |

Determine the cycle time and the appropriate number of workstations to produce the 40 units per day.

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