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Why is it important to define the term bullying accurately? So there will be less victims. Knowledge is key. Without the knowledge, one might not relies they are being victimized by another person. Possibly causing harm to one’s self. By understanding that they are being bullied, they can now look for help.
The problem appeared to be the direct individual who is doing the bullying, at first. It seems to be a question on who is at fault for this bullying. Not just the ...view middle of the document...

Could it be that the bullying is just someone mimicking what behaviors they are around? If so how do you punish such behavior, who and what would be the punishment. This problem affects the whole community.
My definition of the term bullying has not changed. I feel I have a clear understanding of what bullying is. My definition is; a person is subjected to physical violence or subjected to threats and name calling are being directly bullied. I think the definition should be even more detailed, to help more people understand. I think they need to add how you know if you are being bullied because of these actions make you feel unsafe or degraded. The key is how the victim feels about these actions. If your subject to bullying, but do not have these feelings, it’s still bulling. If you can identify with as bullying then the person should still ask for help. This would stop some of the bullies be for it reaches someone who might not be able to defend themselves. Kind of like your civil duty. I think this should be first taught at home, by the parents. Second the schools should keep making this a priority of learning at schools. Last I think their needs to be some teaching or literature provided by the computer and Cellular Phone Company’s before the purchase of their equipment. Or at least any means to access social media.

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