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Priya Essay

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Assess the sociological explanations for ethnic inequality in contemporary society? (40 mark)

Point: Marxism
* Minority groups form part of a uniformed working class not against it. They work for the bourgeoisie.
* Castles and Kosack argued that ethnic minority groups could also be part of
* ‘reserve army of labour’– supporting capitalist system and forced to take lower paid jobs than their white counter parts.
* Economic system created by racism (Cox) by creating a divide, the working class less likely to have a revolt as they haven’t developed class consciousness they blamed the ethnic minorities.
Ideological state apparatus (Althusser) used by the upper class to ...view middle of the document...

They are marginalised in their class position.
* Due mainly to immigration and the policy in the UK to support migrant workers it creates social divide in society as certain ethnic groups are racialised if they are seen to be ‘taking our jobs’
* Ethnic groups suffer lack of economic capital in the workplace but also cultural capital (Bourdieu, 1986) as migrants need to find school places in undersubscribed state schools and this directly relates to economic position

Critique: Neo-Marxism
Neo-Marxists discuss ethnic minorities within the class system but this is a very objective approach to stratification reliant solely on economic position. Within contemporary society we look at the postmodernist approach of individualism (Polemus, 1999), class is not a contributing factor and ethnic disadvantage and class position do not correlate as it varies according to how the family defines themselves.
Immigration – UK is defined as a ‘super-diverse’ country, promote assimilation (Functionalists), the host country, the migrant culture will be absorbed and thus less conflict and there is value consensus.
Significance of cultural capital and how we now live in a knowledge class (Bell, 1973). We also live in a meritocratic society where the ‘talented rise’ (Davis and Moore (1945).

Point: Weber
Marginalisation within the labour market as ethnic minorities are subjected to prejudice views and therefore a forced more into the secondary labour market, those who cannot get jobs are...

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