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There are many differences as well as similarities when it comes to private verses public education for children. This is a subject that many parents have a solid opinion on, where others do not have enough information to hold an educated opinion. Some of the differences are abundantly clear, such as price, while others are written in shades of gray and do not have clear cut differences, such as the curriculum differences or the level of engagement which will be present in lessons. Both schools will make claims, and many are valid, but when it comes to your child having strong educational foundations, it is a decision that parents take very personally and need more information to choose ...view middle of the document...

One of the positive factors of private verses public school is the lower number of behavior issues on campus. The great thing about this is that the zero tolerance will keep your child from being distracted by negative behaviors you would see on a public campus. The downfall of this is that if your student is the one to make a poor choice, they can be removed from school at the school’s discretion, and tuition is not refundable. This is where each parent again, must consider their individual child’s needs.
Another aspect of private schools is that it is common for the students to wear a uniform. This can be expensive and the students feel they lack individuality. This can lead a student to do other things to show their individuality, and may be a harsher consequence than inappropriate clothing. The flip side of this argument is that if all the students are wearing the same clothing, there is less chance of competition and leaves no room to make poor choices on what to wear which can lead to inappropriately dressed students. Uniforms can also take away one more thing which is a distraction to learning, as the students will not be thinking about or discussing what the others are wearing or what to wear tomorrow. This can increase student focus on academics and decrease distracting behavior and conversations.
When it comes to staffing of public verses private school employees, it is important to consider that public schools must enforce each teacher be certified, licensed, and able to teach at a higher cognitive level as dictated by the state. While private school may have a more intimate setting, they are not required by law to follow the same set of standards concerning highly qualified teachers. Your student in a private school setting could end up with a teacher who is not certified to teach at all, or not certified as a highly qualified teacher of the particular subject matter she is presenting to your student. There is also not the same type of legal agreement between staff and board, which leaves room for termination by force or by choice at any point during the school year. While this is not typically the outcome, it is more likely to end up with an unqualified teacher at some point in your child’s educational career. Looking into the qualifications as a potential employee when researching a specific private school may be the best option in combating this situation prior to being in it, but it still would not offer the same level of guarantee as a public school.
An issue which would be very important for all parents to consider is going to be the location of the school, as well as whether or not the school offers transportation. Transportation to and from school can be a huge burden for parents. This is especially true in a single parent household or in a household where both parents are working outside of the home. The location of the school will make a difference, but it is important not to forget that public schools are...

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