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Privacy Essay

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"Information Protection and Privacy" Please respond to the following:
Based on the e-Activity, evaluate the circumstances that contributed to the privacy violation, the consequence to the company to the breach, and management’s response to the breach, indicating the appropriateness of the response. Suggest how the company may have presented the breach and / or responded differently once the breach was discovered. Provide support for your rationale. 

Assess the ethical considerations for information privacy, indicating how these considerations should be addressed with a corporate policy. Provide support for your rationale.
"Information Protection and Privacy":
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A class action lawsuit has been filed against Facebook seeking $15 billion in damages, or $10,000 per member, for violating the privacy of its members, according to the complaint. Facebook Hit with Lawsuit Alleging Privacy Wrongs | PCWorld According to the lawsuit, Facebook violated the U.S. Wiretap Act by tracking its member’s movement on the Web through "like" buttons embedded on millions of web pages throughout the Internet. The law bars “interception and disclosure of wire, oral or electronic communications" and provides fines of $100 a day, up to $10,000, for every day the law is violated. If the maximum fine were imposed on Facebook members could receive $10,000 - which is highly unlikely. The class action suit is the result of a decision made by a California judicial panel, which decided the multiple lawsuits should be unified and heard in Facebook’s home state.
"Debt Covenants" Please respond to the following:
Based on your research conducted in the e-Activity, assess the key components of the loan covenant typically used in business loans. Indicate the necessity of each covenant and the likelihood that default will be prevented. Suggest whether or not you agree or disagree with lenders using the covenant approach for protection. Provide a rationale for your position. 

Create an alternative strategy for lenders to use to protect themselves for loan default.  Indicate how this approach would be more desirable than debt covenants. Provide support for your strategy.

* "Debt Covenants"
* Debt covenants are contractual limitations imposed by banking institutions, bondholders and other investors on the companies they lend to. The agreed-upon conditions are a method of protecting a creditor's...

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