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Prison Gangs Essay

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The wind howls across the wide and open American great plains.
The greatest of these three short stories at evoking a feeling similar to that of being in the American south “A Rose for Emily”, “Dust Tracks on a Dirt Road”, and “The Life You Save May be Your Own” is “Dust tracks on a dirt road”, followed by “The life you save may be your own”, and finally “A rose for Emily”
In Dust Tracks on a dirt road, Hurstons use of imagery, telling us about her gingham dress and how most kids did not wear shoes evoked feelings similar to those that arose as a child when children would run around without shoes, get into a scuffle or two, and be home by ...view middle of the document...

In “The Life You Save May Be Yours”, the author uses indirect characterization, such as when Mr.shiflet was fixing the nell’s car, or barn, and was exalted about everything he did, not worried in the slightest and being exceedingly manipulative of Mrs.nell, telling her how he’d marry her daughter if he could have the car, showing how useful he was around the house by repairing damaged items, all the while with a smile, as if he’d be willing to do anything the nells needed as long as he got what he wanted, the car, later on he shows the reader(s) his true colors, this story appeals greatly in an emotional sense to many, the empathy mr.shiflet seems to show for the nell’s situation is a lie, he does not wish to marry anyone, he wants a car, and he wants to go home, no care in the world aside from being home again, a true anti-hero, he is attempting to go home and see family, but at what cost, ruining the lives of some people, making it even more difficult for the nells to acquire anything they require.
In “A Rose For Emily”, This story was remarkably slow paced compared to the others, and does not make the reader feel as if they are in the south, the location is homogenous with many areas round the nation, the story itself is slow and the plot felt forced.
In conclusion, the greatest at evoking a feeling of being in the south is “dust tracks on a dirt road”, followed by “The Life You Save May Be Your Own”, and finally, “A Rose For Emily”.

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