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1. The success of an interview or interrogation depends on a number of personal characteristics and commitments of the investigator. Planning for and controlling the events surrounding both interviews and interrogations are important but are generally viewed as more critical to the success of an interrogation. The success of the interviewer or interrogator and of the interview or interrogation is often determined by the time and dedication committed to preparing for the conversation. The interviewer must become familiar with the facts of the case under investigation and with the victim. The interrogator must learn as much as possible about the offense, the victim(s) and the suspect ...view middle of the document...

Distractions tend to have an adverse effect on the interview/interrogation and its results. Privacy may be used as a psychological tool; the suspect may feel more willing to unload his/her burden of guilt in front of only one person. For both interviews and interrogations it is important to build a good rapport with the person being questioned. If a good rapport is built and commonalities are established between the interviewer/interrogator and the person being interviewed/interrogated, the person being questions may trust the questioner more and will be more likely to open up and answer questions honestly. It is also important for the person conducting the interview/interrogation to be a good listener so that they do not miss any anything being said. If the person is not a good listener they may miss the opportunity to ask a follow up question or they may miss something sad that could lead to a break in the case. There are also various differences between interviews and interrogations. An interview is a non-accusatory question and answer session with a suspect, victim or witness. The goal of an interview is to gather information and make an assessment of the subject’s credibility. The purpose of an interrogation is to test information already obtained.

2. Interrogation as opposed to interviewing is designed to match acquired information to a particular suspect in order to secure a confession. Whereas interviewing is primarily for the purpose of gaining information, Interrogation is the process of testing that information and its application to a particular suspect. The four commonly recognized objectives in the interrogation process are to obtain valuable facts, to eliminate the innocent, to identify the guilty and to obtain a confession. As the investigator moves from the preliminary task of obtaining a confession, the difficulty of acquiring information increases. That difficulty, however, is rewarded by an increase in the value of the information. In attempting to obtain a confession from a suspect, the interrogator also gains information about the facts and circumstances surrounding the commission of an offense. When obtaining valuable facts the interrogator should make every effort to obtain accurate information from the source. He or she needs to assess the source correctly by repeating questions at varying intervals. The interrogator, however, is not the final analyst and should not reject or degrade information because it conflicts with previously obtained information. The interrogator's primary mission is the collection of information, not evaluation. Conversely, the interrogator should not accept all information as the truth; he views all information obtained with a degree of doubt. If possible, and when time permits, he should attempt to confirm information received and annotate less credible or unproven information. It is of great importance to report accurate information. The interrogator should also check...

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