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Pricing And Financial Management Of Contracts

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Hugo Corporation - Maximize Price Competition
1. You are concerned about the clarity of the purchase description in light of the lack of competition on the current purchase. As a buyer, what can you do?
a. You can elect to rewrite the purchase description in more detail and have it reviewed in house for feedback.
b. Or if circumstances permit, invite interested offerors who reply to the initial solicitation, to an oral presentation of the offer and clarify any issues before requesting official bids or proposals. This can be a video conference or a personal meeting.
2. You are also concerned that the Government did not obtain the greatest possible discount on sales over 1,000 total ...view middle of the document...

That report combined with the market research that should have been accomplished before the solicitation will provide enough pricing data to make an informed decision.

Tuff and Hardy Tools - Comparing Prices
1. Do you concur in the contracting officer's decision?

Yes, I concur with the COs decision. The requirement was competed and Tuff Tools’ was the low bidder, provided quality tools and will deliver as required. Hardy tools final offer was the same as their original offer so that also confirms that the government was getting fair and good value from Tuff Tools.

2. What other actions might the contracting officer have taken in determining price reasonableness?

The CO could conduct additional market research or request field pricing support from the auditors.
Light Estimates - Using Price Index Numbers
1. How can you use this information to estimate a reasonable price?
Year Contract Unit Price Index Number Price in 19x7 Dollars
19X2 $21.50 109.9 $26.12
19X3 $21.35 108.8 $26.20
19X4 $22.40 114.2 $26.19
19X5 $23.75 121.2 $26.16
19X6 $24.90 127.0 $26.17
19X7 $26.17 133.5

2. What is your estimate of a reasonable price?
My estimate of a reasonable price is $26.17.
Quality Training - Accounting for Differences

1. If you were to award without negotiations, given the award criteria and the information provided, which offeror would you select for award? Why?

I would select Washington Independents $142,850. They met or exceeded the award criteria. Their offer was technically acceptable and they had the lowest aggregate total price. Washington Central had the lowest aggregate total price but they did not meet the technical category of the award criteria “each instructor must have a masters degree in engineering”. Two of their instructors only had bachelors degree.

2. The Government estimate was developed assuming that the work would be performed by a contractor located in the Washington, DC area, with instructors traveling from Washington to the...

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