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Present Education As I See It:

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Present Education as I see it:
Someone approached me to teach his ward some mathematics or rather to supplement what could not be comprehensively deciphered from the notes from the plethora of private tutors (I don't know whether the notes are photocopies of age-old yellowish original manuscripts written in the last century and passed on from generation to generation). I am not blaming the notes or their authors rather I have the highest regard for both.
But what a young impressionable mind in early teens need to appreciate is the beauty, thrill and magic of a subject. For example, in Mathematics the student should be exposed to and told about the interconnecting web that different ...view middle of the document...

The score also provides a false sense of security that the studies are on right track and everything is honky dory.
Nobody tells to first learn the subject well, do enough practice problems from easy to tough and in the process internalize the subject and once that is dome MCQs can be solved without any effort.
But the victim is a thorough grasp of the subject, a clear understanding of the fundamentals and ability to grasp with problems offering challenges not faced before. We are collectively making a mockery of school education: it is like the old Confucius saying: you must go to doctor because he has to live, you have to go to chemist as he has to live but you should not take the medicine because you have to live too. The students must go to the teachers as the other student is going and probably learning things to succeed in JEE etc., the teacher must teach MCQ types and take mock tests because that is what other teachers are offering and if he does not follow suit, it is curtain for his tutorial, the organized tutorials are doing the same thing , the JEE type exams are being conducted with the same template questions and the MCQ books are having gala time in making a question bank of such templates.....BUT then the student at a much later date realizes that he does not know the subject and the teachings of professors in Engineering, Medical or Pure Science assume a basic understanding of the subject which unfortunately was not learnt because MCQ books did not offer it, mock tests did not test it or the tutorials or the teachers never bothered to teach it.
It is not...

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