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Prejudice Paper

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There is no denying it; we all are prejudice, some more than others. Just imagine yourself walking through an airport terminal. There is a Middle-Eastern man sitting, waiting to get on the same plane that you happen to be boarding. Due to recent events over the past decade, many Americans have a feeling that this man is a terrorist and is going to blow up the plane. Although this is not the truth, this is how most people think. People obtain these prejudices from family, friends and events. When you are growing up your personality, beliefs and lifestyles are formed. Prejudice does not just come out through skin color, but about other qualities such as physical and mental disabilities. ...view middle of the document...

The players range from ages 9-17 and are divided among 3 teams. The story is not only about external prejudice on the players and coach, who happens to be a female, but internally. The external prejudices resides within the community and the mayor, who does not approve of them playing. The internal problems were that the team did not approve of there coach being a woman. Although she had much experience she was not looked upon as equal until she proved to them by shooting on goal in nothing but her bare feet. This showed them that she does not need equipment like them and also that she is equal.
The final story is about a teacher named Jane Elliot, who wanted to teach her third grade students about prejudices because of the recent assassination of Martin Luther king Jr. She wanted to teach her students about prejudice even though they are young and are believed to be not able to understand the situation. Her idea was to split the class in two groups the blue and brown eyes. It would be over a two-day period. One day the brown-eyed students would be the “better than” the blue eyed and the next day their roles would reverse. Over the next two days the students turned from “little angels” to “little demons”. The students then reflected the following day and came to realize what the current setting of the country was.
We look at prejudice as only racism, but there are obviously different types. Now we take a look at non-racial prejudice through the stories of Mike Rose and Lars Eighner. Mike Rose who now is a highly regarded teacher and writer, but his educational background started in the vocational education programs. He shows that students that are given the short end of the stick should not be undermined. His story shows how the “slower” students are not always slower. Mike went on to become a graduate of UCLA, a highly regarded school, receive his PH.D and become very successful.
The next lesson to be learned is from the...

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