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Pregnancy In Adolescence Essay

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Every hour 85 teens become pregnant, but why? Girls are told that the more sexual they are the more men value them, which unfortunately leads to high rates of teen pregnancy. Teens in this decade are so worried about what society thinks about them. Peer pressure is one of the biggest effects on teens having sex. Girls buy and dress in the most expensive brands to fit in. Some of them will do anything to me accepted in the “cool” crowd including; having sex at a young age. With ...view middle of the document...

Younger teens just do not understand the significance in having sex.
Why is everyone so concerned with teens becoming pregnant though? The psychological affects on teens when they become pregnant has such a negative impact on their lives. They start feeling so many different types of emotions such as; fear, frustration, confusion, resentment, and most of all depression. Their depression levels shoot up. Not only are the mental effects strong, but so are the physical effects. Becoming pregnant as a teen increases the chance of Anemia, Cervical Cancer, Miscarriage, and pregnancy induced hypertension. Often being a teen mom, you receive a lower level of eduction, earn less money, social isolation, and limited job opportunities.
But not only does becoming pregnant effect the teen mom, it effects the child being born. Being born into a “teen” family increases the rate for the baby itself to become a teen parent. It also puts the child at risk for having behavioral problems later on in life. There are also medical effects on the child such as; Fetal distress, SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), being a premature baby, delayed development, and a low birth weight. Peer pressure is one of the biggest effects on teens having sex.

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