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Pragmatism Essay

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There are particular characteristics that of pragmatism in the development of a curriculum. Firstly knowledge is true if it can be of any use. Pragmatism holds truth or actuality comprises in what lives up to expectations, a thing is genuine in the event that it demonstrates great and serves an attractive end. It is false on the off chance if it doesn't work out and the basis for any demonstration is its functionality. Ideas are good only if it works well. The value of a thing is its workability (Camorongan, 2010). Pragmatism perceives the importance of personality (Camorongan, 2010). It stresses a feeling yet subordinates them to the will. Pragmatism considers the result more than the intention, regardless of the possibility that the plan is poor yet the results are great, the value of the plan is incredible. Education must set up the child ...view middle of the document...

Subsequently, the curriculum is built as the learning advances.
Education is a planning forever in other words it is life itself. The most established strategy for teaching is the task technique in light of the fact that it fits the use of the child's exercises and hobbies. As the child’s arrangements, administers, executes and assesses his undertaking, he obtains the preparation vital for democratic living (Camorongan, 2010). There are no explicit steps to be taken after; each one stage is an open door for revelation and experimentation. The child is in this manner in consistent development and activity, asking, testing and finding. The teacher's most critical concern is to educate the child to do, not to simply think about something, to try and do it, not to just understand it (Camorongan, 2010). The kid adapts more like when he is advised to do, as when he discovers for himself what he should do and is possible.

Some of the pragmatist ideas are being employed in local schools. As told earlier, according to Pragmatism, learning is always considered to be an individual matter and teachers need not to try to teach all the knowledge they have to the learners, because such efforts are useless. The learners learning depends upon their own problems, personal needs and interests. For instance Maldivian schools provide firsthand experience to students by providing them with activities needed for a particular topic to be understood. Students are sent on field trips and also they are provided with useful knowledge needed for the particular topic by bringing in experts in the particular field so that students will be more familiar with the lessons. Teachers also provide activities that include the student’s prior knowledge so that they will be more motivated to form their own ideas and goals. Moreover schools also assign group works to students so that they could work cooperatively together to solve problems. Teachers act as a guide and friend in Maldivian schools and encourages the students to be creative.

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