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Practice Ii Exam Essay

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Critical Play Analysis: A Raisin in the Sun

1. Thought/Theme/Ideas
When reading a play, it is often difficult to obtain understanding and describe the theme. This particular play, A Raisin in the Sun, allowed for the meaning of the play to be conveyed through the characters. After completing the read, the play seemed to reveal that family is most important in life. In all of the stresses and events that take place within each person’s life, it is hard to become side-tracked on the family aspect of life. Throughout this play, money seemed to be the struggling conflict; the husband of Lena passed away and money was left over for the family. With the Youngers being a lower income ...view middle of the document...

She speaks up for her what she believes and brings an interesting viewpoint from the older generation. She thinks it’s important to strive to success while keeping her moral beliefs; she denies Beneatha’s un-Christian like behavior, and Ruth’s thoughts about receiving an aboration upsets her. Similarly, when Walter provides her with his idea to invest money in a liquor store, she immediately shoots down the idea and says that she will not be involved in such un-Christian acitivity. Money seems to be the only way out for Mama; dreams are of importance to her than the materialistic side of life, and her highest dream is to be a homeowner with a garden and large plot of land so Travis can run around.
Walter is Mama’s son, Ruth’s husband, Travis’s thoughtful father, and Beneatha’s antagonistic brother. The storyline involves him and his actions that he makes, and his character transforms the most throughout the play. The majority of the actions and mistakes he makes negatively effect the family, but his delayed climb to manhood shows him as some kind of hero towards the end of the play.

During the play, Walter has a...

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