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Situation: The company commander orders your platoon to defend an area which includes a heavily populated village. Within the village is a five-story medical facility used to provide aid to noncombatants and civilians. In front of the hospital is a pool of vehicles properly marked as medical transports. The recon element reports of several historical monuments and museums in the area. To help facilitate the ease of troop movement, and to protect the civilian ...view middle of the document...

If people refuse to cooperate, we will use force to remove them from their houses. Additionally, we will destroy the houses of those who refuse to leave.” The platoon sergeant asked you, the senior squad leader, to review the order, provide him feedback before the commander releases it.

3. What would your response to the order be? Explain in detail.
I would directly approach the platoon sergeant and inform him that based off the order from the Commander we would be in violation of the Law of War by causing unnecessary harm and damage to civilians and their personal property.
4. Would you change it? How? Explain in detail.
Yes, I would ask that he have the commander revise his order to minimize collateral damage to the village and its people and give them a proper timeline in which they would have more time to evacuate its people and property.

5. What are your recommended adjustment(s), change(s), improvement(s), strength(s) and weakness(es) for this lesson? (You must answer this question)
One of my recommendations will be that Company Commander and all his personnel need to be familiar with Law of war , Geneva Convention and Rules of Engagement, to minimize any damages or violations against civilians.

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