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Powerpoint Essay

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Consumer Traits and Behaviors Paper
Dawn Chapmen, Cheri Ward, Rachelle Barrera, Hallie Richardson, & Jose Diaz
PSY / 322
July 22, 2013
Instructor: Lisa Siegal

Consumer Traits and Behaviors Paper
In today’s competitive market, advertisers must look at all facets of consumerism. Consumer traits and behaviors can be analyzed to find out why people purchase products and select certain services; a marketer should research the psychological, social, personal, and also similar traits and behaviors that consumers share based on those social and psychological factors to find out what truly motivates the buyer. An organization will be and remain successful, by learning how to leverage the ...view middle of the document...

A product or service may trigger a mood or emotion in a person which may influence the consumers’ perception either positively or negatively, for example, a well-organized, good smelling, and neat store with an enjoyable atmosphere will encourage customers to stay and shop longer than an overcrowded, bad smelling, and dirty store that makes people feel uncomfortable. Something as simple as background music can have a profound impact on the consumer. When the consumer hears favorable music, the tendency is to be more open to the shopping experience, whereas, if the music is less desirable, the amount of time spent in the environment is possibly diminished. Background music is also connected to the personality of the consumer because this affects how a person will “respond to marketers’ promotional efforts, and when, where, and how they consume particular products or services” (Schiffman, 2010, p. 118).
Just as psychological processes affect consumer behavior so do social factors. Social factors prove to influence the consumers buying behaviors. Relatives, friends, family members, coworkers, and society are just a few social factors that can either encourage or discourage a consumer to purchase an item or service from a specific vendor. Word of mouth is very influential because a consumer believes in and can take advice from someone who has already used the product or service. This means a known, trustworthy source; a source’s personal experience has more credibility over a product and service than advertisement alone.
Culture and customs highly impact how a person will spend his or her money and what and where he or she will spend it on. Consumers often take learned preferences from childhood into adulthood, therefore; greatly impacting the decision-making process. Ethnicities have defining characteristics that help consumers label themselves. There is an early awareness to purchase certain brands or shop at certain stores because it is customary. Even though there is usually a strong loyalty to continue with family tradition, as young adult’s age, the family influence diminishes and is replaced by standards set by society. The community influences what is socially acceptable and because of the desire to “fit in”, there are opportunities in marketing to sway consumers’ decisions in alternative directions as time progresses.
The ability to understand the influence of the psychological and social capabilities of a consumer will affect the way or the path in which marketing will take to promote and sale their product, but if the proper research is done incorrectly the entire product can be a failure. With the advancements of technology and the new way that consumers now use to shop and decide what to buy, the new marketing is geared more towards the internet and social media sites. Although many companies and products may have done their advertising and marketing in a different way, the new generation has cause...

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