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Power Of Packaging Essay

815 words - 4 pages

Bobby Lynch
Professor LaPointe
English Composition I
14 February 2016
New, Again: The Power of Packaging and its Effect on Consumer Expectations
The package containing the video game Madden NFL ’16 contains a single striking image on the front and a plethora of words and pictures on the back. The front contains an action shot of wide receiver Odell Beckham Junior making a one-handed grab, set against the backdrop of a full stadium almost drowned out by the bright lights illuminating it. It has the EA Sports logo in almost the dead center, covering part of Beckham’s body, under which the title is printed across the image in shiny silver lettering. The NFL logo appears four times in ...view middle of the document...

This part is set against a black backdrop and is much less conspicuous than the robust and colorful images above.
This package supports Hines’s claims that packaging communicates more than just what is in the package and that retailers are more willing to alter their packaging than their advertising. The package is almost unashamedly trying to sell the consumer the fantasy of being a professional athlete, starting with the action shot on the cover. It highlights the receiver, allowing the crowd and the stadium to almost fade into the background under the bright lights, kind of like how a person would feel actually being on the field under the lights on a big stage. Only inches away is a logo advertising a “fantasy” mode. On the back, the message is even less subtle. The most striking words are “Your Draft. Your Fantasy.” Here they do everything short of tell the consumer they can pretend to be an athlete while playing the game. The words on the back continuously refer to the consumer through the pronoun “you”, making sure to stroke the ego of the player by including powerful images and including terminology such as “air supremacy”. This term is more reminiscent of a World War II dogfight than a football game; it is simultaneously selling you the fantasy of playing professional sports with...

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