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Postion: Boston Should Not Host The 2024 Olympics

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Persuasive Position Paper

Topic: Whether Boston should host the 2024 Olympics

My Position
Hosting the Olympics Games is more than simply demonstrating a passion for sports; it has a profound social and economic impact to the host city and nation. In my view, the benefits will outweigh the challenges in hosting the 2024 Boston Olympics. By standing out and being chosen by United States Olympic Committee (USOC) as the candidate city, Boston has made a significant step toward the greatest honor to transcend peace, prosperity, and humanity through this event.

Date: Mar 11, 2015
To: United States Olympic Committee
Subject: Withdraw Boston’s 2024 Olympics Bid

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In an extreme case, the cost overrun in Montreal, reaching almost 800 percent, became a financial disaster, leaving the city with a 30-year post-game debt.

Economic Illusion
The Massachusetts state suggested that a Boston Olympiad could “catalyze and accelerate the economic developments and infrastructure improvements necessary to ensure that Massachusetts can compete globally now and into the future.” In my opinion, such claim is unsubstantiated.
Consider first the Olympic effect to the economy of the US as a host country. Admittedly, a debut of the Games will foster an emerging economy, as countries that host the Olympics experience a significant increase in trade. Evidence can be seen from Japan in 1964, Germany in 1972, and China in 2008. The United States no longer belongs to the category of emerging market since 1920s. Thus, the Olympic effect contended by the state is unwarranted.
Consider next the Olympic effect to the Boston-centered Massachusetts local economy. The aforementioned claim is based on the assumption that the Games can serve as a tourist attraction and therefore, catch the eye of global business. However, there has been little evidence to show that the correlation between the Games and tourism boost is significant. In fact, there was one evidence indicating that London received about 5 percent fewer foreign visitors in August 2012 than it did in the same month of the previous year. The reason was that the Games distracted the tourists from the traditional points of interest, and that the loss outweighed the gain. At this point, whether the Boston Olympics will stimulate the local economy remains unknown.

Reputation Risk
History implies that the Games can often tarnish a host country’s reputation. The enduring image of the Munich Olympics is a man in a ski mask. The decaying venues in Athens became a metaphor for Greece’s economic crisis. Beijing’s man-made environmental condition during the Games put the official’s environmental power and oblivion of the country air quality to a scrutiny. Sochi’s legacy was overshadowed by...

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